Protect your Condo from fire, theft, and more

Condominium Insurance

Condominium Insurance
Condo insurance for what your association doesn't cover

Need insurance for your condo or townhouse?

Condominium Insurance should not be overlooked. Your condo association will possibly have a COA policy to cover the mutual areas & grounds of a complex. That doesn’t cover damages done inside your condominium. This may be different th Incidents & theft happens within your condominium, requires the right coverage.

  • Smoke Damage, Theft & Vandalism
  • Unintentional overflow from plumbing
  • Accidental electrical destruction to devices
  • Covers lawsuits against you or family members
  • Protection against legal cases you’re legally obligated to pay
  • Medical Expenses & Accidental death benefits

Condo insurance for what your association doesn’t cover

  • Personal Property
  • Loss of Use
  • Liability (Personal Liability Protection)
  • Temporary living expenses during repairs
  • Property damage
  • Medical payments
  • Water back-up
Condo Insurance - North Carolina

Condo Insurance Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Condo Insurance covers what your Association doesn't and protects you from the unexpected.

Your coverage depends on your needs, the amount of stuff you need to protect, and your budget. Taking an inventory of your belongings is a first step in determining how much coverage you need.

Yes. Discounts may be available for Multiple Policies (Car, Motorcycle, etc),Pay In Full, Automatic Bill Payments, and Security of your property.

If you are Renting your Condo, then you will need Renters Insurance, which is very affordable.

Frequent Condominium Insurance Questions

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